Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Hits Just Keep Coming

So Little has been on a bit of a hitting streak.  He will slap at all of us, but Big seems to be his favorite target.  The other night we are all in the living room and Little is trying to show Big some toy.  Big acknowledges the toy and continues on doing whatever it was that he was doing and that is when the smack happened- right across the back of Big's head with all of the power Little's arm could muster.

Les quickly picks up Little and pulls him onto his lap and  begins spewing all of the phrases you'd expect... "We do not hit." "That hurt Big." "No hitting."  He releases Little back into the wild only to have him walk straight back to Big and strike him - again.  Big begins to cry as Little is once again scooped into Les' arms.  Repeating the rules... "No hitting." "You are hurting Big."  I can see in Little's eyes that these reprimands are falling on deaf ears.  Les holds him for a two minute 'time-out.'  He asks Little if is he is sorry he hit Big and Little nods affirmatively.  As Les sets him down he says, "Now go give Big a hug so he knows you are sorry." 

Little crosses the room and wraps his chubby little arms around Big's neck.  He lays on this little, sweet & loving hum as he snuggles into the embrace with his brother.  Everyone praises the loving gesture "Aww, what nice brothers."  "See Little you LOVE Big and don't want to hurt him."  "Good hugs." 
As they disengage from their hug and in the blink of an eye - Little winds up and cuffs Big - AGAIN.

Thankfully we have a very forgiving Big - because another brother may have laid Little out.  The shock of the change in Little's persona even led Big to laugh out loud.  Hugs one second and smacks the next...

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