Wednesday, March 9, 2011

To those of you who say.. "MPS? Shut it down."

From "Susan" on the JSOnline bulletin board today:

"I hate our public schools. They are a disgrace. The students don't learn. The teachers sit on their fat arses all day and complain about class size, because they are too lazy to work. SHUT DOWN MPS NOW!

From "oneMKEmom MPS Parent/Public Schools Advocate:

I am sorry you feel that way and believe those things about the teachers.  There is a great deal of very positive things happening in MPS everyday and in our public schools systems across the state.

I am not one to say there are not dire problems in MPS; ones that need solutions. Many of the barriers to education in Milwaukee Public Schools have much less to do with the actual schools/classrooms/teachers and much more to do with biopsychosocial barriers the children bring to school with them. Parents/guardians are disengaged, there has been a history of keeping parents out of the loop and one of the biggest problems facing MPS is the community at large not being invested in what is going on in their neighborhood schools.

Teacher blaming is a relatively new phenomenon.  There are few bad teachers out there, what is BAD is the fact that they are expected to be mother/father, social worker, special needs assistant, nurse, counselor, art teacher, gym teacher, music teacher, program implementer, librarian, reading specialist, math specialist, the list goes on an on... in suburban schools or in districts outside of MPS - a teacher may have one or two or three children who require their teacher to be everything and eveyone to them (which is a case-load in itself) in MPS often half of the class comes to school without an adequate or any amount of home support.  Did I mention that the teachers are wearing all of these hats while the class sizes continue to grow and the per pupil dollars and support for schools decrease?

I am not a fat-ass, lazy teacher full of complaints -(I know hundreds of public school teachers and NONE of them fit that description) I am a mother who works everyday to improve the District in which we have chosen to educate our son.  I work with parents, community members, the Board of Directors, the Superintendents office, the City leadership, our law makers in Madison and more in the belief that Public Education should be valued by our society - as a means to help our populous rise up, to make our state an attractive place for businesses, to show that our children really come first!

Hey Village wake up?!? If all you have done to "help" the problem is complain and sit on your ass... I don't want to hear from you.  If you would like to be part of the solution... contact me, I can find you a Public School in your neighborhood who could use your time and talents in helping put CHILDREN FIRST! 

I am not paid for the work I do for the schools in wages - I am paid in smiles, high fives and hugs...

It truly takes a village and I am not going to give up on the children who rely on MPS everyday... I would never say shut it down... DO IT BETTER of course... if you just lock the doors... then what?

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